10 Superb KIndle Free Fitness Books for Thursday!

  1. *Beating Insomnia: Beginners Guide to Beating Insomnia by Ryan Finch. Price: Free. Genre: Sleep Disorders, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 5 stars on 10 Reviews. 34 pages. ASIN: B01B14ARC4.
  2. *Vegan: Raw Food Diet for Beginners 7 Easy Tips for Nutrition, Health and Vitality: (Vegan, High Protein, Gluten Free, Low Cholesterol, Vegan Weight Loss, Recipes, Paleo Diet) by Anna Ross. Price: Free. Genre: Vegan, Cancer, General, Gluten Free, Paleo, Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Weight Maintenance. Rated: 5 stars on 9 Reviews. 33 pages. ASIN: B01BIE9E5S.
  3. *Yoga 101: The Ultimate Yoga Guide by Janet Green. Price: Free. Genre: Yoga, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 5 stars on 9 Reviews. 22 pages. ASIN: B01BETFX0C.
  4. *Get Your Sleep Back: How to Effectively Deal With Your Insomnia by Eric Compton. Price: Free. Genre: Sleep Disorders, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 5 stars on 8 Reviews. 29 pages. ASIN: B01BETFUUK.
  5. *Bulging Biceps: Fired Up Body Series – Vol 6: Fired Up Body by Paul Martin, William O’Brien. Price: Free. Genre: Sports & Outdoors, Weight Training, Teen & Young Adult, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Training. Rated: 5 stars on 5 Reviews. 29 pages. ASIN: B01ACH1J1E.
  6. *36 Ways of Stopping Palpitations. The natural way to a healthier heart and life. by Jethro Iggulden. Price: Free. Genre: Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Religion & Spirituality, Healthy Living, Occult. Rated: 4.5 stars on 11 Reviews. 67 pages. ASIN: B003L77OMQ.
  7. Stress Management Techniques: Simple, Natural Stress-Reducing Methods to Cure your Anxiety and Stress (stress relief, stress reduction, stress advice, … anxiety management, anxiety self help) by Brad Wilson. Price: Free. Genre: Mental Illness, General, Naturopathy, Mental Health, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 4.7 stars on 6 Reviews. 22 pages. ASIN: B00PR80SB6.
  8. Herbal & Plant-Based Diet – Antiviral Diet to Strengthening Immune System and Preventing Viral Infections by Raymond Gomez. Price: Free. Genre: Herbal Remedies, Diets & Weight Loss, Vegetables & Vegetarian, Non-Vegan Vegetarian,  Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 4.6 stars on 7 Reviews. 66 pages. ASIN: B01BLYC44I.
  9. Blood Pressure: The Completely Natural Solution For High Blood Pressure – How To Easily Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication Using Home Remedies! … Blood Pressure, Natural Health Guide) by Jessica Carlson. Price: Free. Genre: Heart Disease, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 4 stars on 7 Reviews. 26 pages. ASIN: B0196W3HYI.
  10. *Confidence: Comfortable In My Shoes: Breakdown The Walls, Identify Who You Are, and Find Freedom In The Life You Deserve! by Andrew Wright. Price: Free. Genre: Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Motivational, Religion & Spirituality, Personal Transformation, Self-Esteem. Rated: 4.5 stars on 11 Reviews. 50 pages. ASIN: B018FMLJPE.


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